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Founder of TEOS International Inc | Inspirational  Speaker  | High-Performace Coach

"My vision is to challenge, inspire and empower our world through my speaking and organizational leadership. Helping current and future leaders remove limitations and experience true freedom so they can become more impactful in creating a legacy." 

Over the past decade Jovan has worked tirelessly in a multitude of different industries, helping medium to large-sized companies achieve one goal;

“Creating an extraordinary team that produces remarkable results, consistently"

Jovan is also the founder of TEOS International Inc, an innovative personal and professional development company that is committed to “ending the lack of true-life fulfillment worldwide”.

"TEOS International focuses on empowering private and corporate practice owners in the medical and dental space with modern-day insights, resources, and solutions to create a high performing operation while their teams experience incredible career fulfillment."

He is a christian, father and generational leader passionate about "serving people who serve our world."